Who Is This Jesus?

“Who is this Jesus that even the wind and waves obey him?”

This was the question the closest followers of Jesus were asking after they’d found themselves trapped in a hopeless storm (sound familiar?) wondering why Jesus wasn’t doing anything. Jesus was NAPPING in the boat and when they woke him, he simply shushed the storm and it stopped!

WHO IS THIS GUY?! The answer to that question was hard for even Jesus’ closest followers to grasp and it’s one that we’re still asking today.

The answer might seem obvious to some and not so obvious to others, but either way the ramifications of that answer are as important as the answer itself.
And actually, with Jesus it was his questions, not his answers, that held the most weight… “Who do you say I am?”, “Are you going to leave me too?”. In this series at COMMUNITY we will approach the question ‘Who Is This Jesus’ and approach some of the implications of the answer to that question.

Regarding the questions that He might ask us in return…well, we’ll just have to journey along together and find out.

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