Vbs Recap

What an amazing week we had at ROAR! VBS June 24-27! We had 220 kids registered from about 130 families, around 100 volunteers and loads of fun!

We’re so happy to report that the kids were given a goal to raise $800 to go to the effort by Covenant Kids Congo and World Vision to bring clean water and education to kids in the Congo. They raised more than $1,500! Wow. God is good. That’s 40 kids who will have clean water for life.

Speaking of God’s goodness, each day our kids learned a main Bible point.

Day 1: Even when life is unfair, God is good.

Day 2: Even when life is scary, God is good.

Day 3: Even when life changes, God is good.

Day 4: Even when life is sad, God is good.

I think it’s pretty clear that no matter what, God is good. That’s something to cheer about!


Check out a video from the week by clicking here.