TEAM World Vision Commissioning 10/14

On Saturday Oct 20th, over 40 runners and walkers from our church will join over 850 participants in the Kansas City Marathon who are running to provide clean water to African communities through Team World Vision. Lack of access to clean water is a major issue in many communities around the world.


The reality for many is spending significant portions of the day walking miles for dirty water leading to a variety of illnesses. This process has a significant impact in their ability to get a good education as the hours spent walking to and from a water source cuts into their learning time and the water they do fetch makes them sick leading to further school absences. The development of clean, sustainable water sources is literally transformational for their lives.

Last year, World Vision provided clean water for 4.6 million people, and this year Community Covenant Church alone has raised funds to provide clean water for over 1,000 people (and counting…)

This Sunday, we will be commissioning our Team World Vision runners. If you would like to learn more about Team World Vision and how you can make an impact, there will be team members at the Mission Depot who would love to talk with you!