When the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus on Palm Sunday, they had no idea what was coming just days later. They could not fathom that the one that they celebrated as the coming King would finish the week hanging on a Roman cross.

When we read the Easter story in 2021, we have the advantage of reading the story already knowing how it ends. In doing so we can miss the beauty and insights gained on the journey to the cross.

This Stations of the Cross prayer guide is designed to help you step into the story of Holy Week, to put yourself in the place of those who experienced those history defining events.

We invite you to take time during the week, maybe even over a period of days, to read, pray, and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the victory of Resurrection Sunday.

It is designed it to be accessible to those who may not know Jesus well as well as long-time followers of Jesus. We invite you to share this journey with friends, family, and co-workers.

We pray that this guide will help you meaningfully reflect on this Holy Week. May you come to know Jesus in a deeper way as a result.

Download the PDF of the prayer guide here: Stations of the Cross Easter 2021