Current Sermon Series


Discover, Live and Share the Love of Jesus

Community Covenant Church has a mission statement with three action-oriented verbs (discover! live! share!) that propel us toward one ultimate objective, as we honor one overriding priority: the Love of Jesus. What is this Love?! How do we encounter it, experience it, describe it?! How do we discover, live and share it?! How can we remove any and every barrier that blocks or inhibits our ability to pour out His Love?!



The Gospels introduce us to the One Person who perfectly expresses, demonstrates and explains God’s Love. The rest of the New Testament unpacks the implications of this unique incarnation, including the call to love like Jesus even as we are immersing in the Source and practicing obedience to this primary command. As individual followers of Christ, and as the Body of Christ living among and moving through this world, we are to represent and reflect the love of Jesus to each other, to our family and friends and neighbors, to everyone (everyone!) within our reach. Even the unlovable. Even strangers. Even enemies.

This 11 Week Sunday Morning Series seeks to reinforce our commitment to the mission we believe Christ has given us … and renew our vision for turning belief into conviction, and conviction into reality, by the grace and power of God at work in us. We invite all of CCC to partner with all of us in this daring venture in this exciting new season.

Sept 9 John 13:34, 35 … The Command

Sept 16 I Corinthians 13 … The Gift

Sept 23 Galatians 5:13-26 … The Fruit

Sept 30 Luke 9:57-62 … The Cost

Oct 7 Luke 10:1-24 … The Briefing

Oct 14 Luke 10:25-37 … The Neighbor

Oct 21 Luke 15:11-32 … The Prodigal

Oct 28 I Peter 4:7-11 … The Ultimate

Nov 4 Romans 13:8-14 … The Debt

Nov 11 II Corinthians 6:1-13 … The Plea

Nov 18 I John 4:7-21 … Perfect Love