#godslovewins Post

Love is not a concept. Love should never be reduced to a cliché.

This ideal has to become real. The abstract must become concrete. Love, God’s Love, must be tangible, accessible, experienced. The Good News (the best news ever!) is that God’s Love has come down to earth and is, in the birth of Jesus, embodied and encountered.


Advent is a season of anticipation and a time for deep reflection. Sometimes it seems like the whole world stops — believers and unbelievers alike — to contemplate the intriguing mystery and swelling drama of Christmas. There’s something beautiful going on here, incomparable in the history of our human quest for transcendence. Heaven touching earth, extending the offer of Peace to a weary and wary world, God in Person expressing God’s Heart, withholding nothing.

“If only this were true!” someone cries out, responding with longing to the scene in Bethlehem and to the unfolding story of the man, who was more than a man, who embraced the whole world with the Love we dream of. “It is!” we affirm, as we celebrate the coming of the long-awaited Jewish Messiah, who is the promised Savior of the Nations and the source of life-giving transformation.

Join us during this season as we listen again to, eagerly seek and joyfully share the astonishing Truth about God’s incarnate Love. The Love that overwhelms and overcomes.

Beginning Sunday, November 25

Nov 25      The Prophecy      Isaiah 53
Dec 2        The Magnificat    Luke 1:46-55
Dec 9        The Birth             Luke 2:1-20
Dec 16      The Magi             Matthew 2:1-12
Dec 23      The Word            John 1:1-18