2019 Friends Of God

If you are not plugged into a Sunday School class, we’d like to invite you to an elective, interactive class offered in the Fishtank beginning June 9 and going throughout the summer. It’s called Friends of God: A Discipleship Experience.

This isn’t like any discipleship program you’ve seen before. There’s no gritting your teeth and trying harder to be perfect. Or checking items off a “Good Christians Do This” list. Instead, we’ll just get to know Jesus better and let our friend do what he does best: transform us from the inside out. And you’re invited.

Whether you’ve been a believer for decades, just met Jesus in the parking lot or aren’t sure he’s even real, you’re invited. Come take your next step into deeper joy. Soul-soothing peace. And a life of purpose. Come be a disciple. Come be a friend of God.

Questions? Contact Alexia, Jessica or Tom.