Race Day is Saturday!

Our team has been training hard week after week, all in the name of clean water.

Most of us get up way too early, sweat way too much, some are injured, sore, and hurting. But we continue on because our hearts hurt for the kiddos in Africa that we are running to save.

If you are wondering how you can support us there are three crucial ways.

  1. Visit our group fundraising page.  From that page, you can find each of our participants individually listed. We still have a big mountain to climb, but any bit helps. $50 provides clean water FOR LIFE for a person in the Congo!
  2. Join our COMMUNITY Covenant cheer section on race day, THIS Saturday October 19th.  Meet at the finish line in front of Union Station in downtown KC.  Get there by 8:30 a.m. and you’ll be in time to catch the fastest runners, and stay as long as you can! Click here for more ways to support our runners on race day.
  3. PRAY!  We really value your prayers and words of encouragement. All of the messages saying “you got this” or “you can do it” really do help! The race start time is 7am on THIS Saturday Oct. 19th. Would you be willing to pray specifically throughout the race?

Thanks so much for all of your support! We’re proud to represent COMMUNITY Covenant in this Kingdom endeavor!

–Your Team World Vision participants