Worship Arts Ministry Teams 




The choir serves mainly in the traditional worship gathering at 8:45am, but also for a variety of other events at CCC. We sing a variety of classical choral literature and styles, as well as assisting in leading the congregation in worship through singing. For more information, contact the choir director, Dr. David Zoschke. Rehearsal at on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary.

 Modern Worship Teams 


The worship teams serve in our modern worship gathering at 10:45am to lead worship through singing and provide special performance pieces. We employ a large variety of instruments, including (but not limited to) acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drums and other percussion, saxophone, flute, violin, and of course, vocalists to sing an ever-increasing variety of styles, artists, and types of music. If you're interested in serving on one of our worship teams, contact Jason Sivewright, Director of Worship Arts.




CC Clickers is a group of people interested in the creative art of photography. We meet together regularly to practice and discuss our common interest: once each month, we meet for learning and discussion, and once a month we go on a field trip to practice our art.  All levels of photography skills, from camera phone aficionados, point-and-shoot users to dSLR photographers, are welcome to join us.


Small Ensembles


Typically, these gather for specific events, but we are always looking for musicians to serve on a regular basis in vocal and instrumental small ensembles. Brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, and all voice parts are welcome onstage! Contact Jason Sivewright for more information.


Audio/Visual (AV) Team 


Our AV team supports both worship gatherings, their rehearsals, and a variety of special events through their expertise of event production. They run the sound board, our live video feed, and the light board. This team is always in need of new talent; if you're interested, contact  Jason Sivewright .




The WORD team supports both worship gatherings through the creation and execution of lyric, video, and scripture projection. There are a variety of opportunities here for graphic artists, spell-checkers, and slide designers. For more information, contact the coordinator, Greg Harvey.