Your first experience at COMMUNITY Covenant Church may be on Sunday morning. Stop in at our Children’s Welcome Center on the east side of our foyer, and we will direct you and your children to where you need to go.  Please notice the sidebar menu, which will give you details on each of our Sunday morning ministries.


What we will ask you to do: 

  • Fill out a brief registration card 
  • Choose the ministries your child will participate in 
  • Leave your children in our care 
  • Enjoy the worship service and even an adult class 


Click here to print off a registration card to complete and bring with you on your 1st Sunday.


Sunday Morning Schedule for kaleidoscope KIDS MINISTRY


8:30 to
 9:30 AM 

9:45 to
10:30 AM 

10:45 AM to
 12:00 PM 
Birth - Age 2 Baby-k Baby-kBaby-k 
Young Children
Ages 3 - First Grade begin by worshipping with families in the sanctuary. When dismissed from the service a leader will escort the children.
kSCHOOL Classes 
 Birth - 1s 104
 2s-3s 106
 4s-5s-K 101
 All children ages
 3-5 years are dropped off in room 107
Grade 1-5 Worship together with families in the sanctuary kSCHOOL Classes 
 Grades 1&2&3
 RM. 205/207
 Grades 4&5
 RM. 201
Worship together in the Children's Ministry Room

Grades K-5