Summer Wee Worship Transition

Sun, June 13, 2010

Summer Wee Worship will help our kids Encounter God  at work in the lives of people in the Old Testament (like Joshua who was brave and faithful even when everyone else lost sight of the goal).  Our class combinations at the 11:00 service for Wee Worship will be changing on June 6th. These class combinations give us the most even groupings of children, and allow for the lowest child to teacher ratio. We will be grouping children attending 11:00 Wee Worship in this way:

    AGE            ROOM

    3'S                107

    4'S                107

    5'S               105

    K'S             105

    1st               103 (this is downstairs)      

Please notice above that we will be moving the children going into 1st grade back downstairs to room 103 for Wee Worship. This will allow for ease of drop-off for parents with multiple children and it will allow for teachers to have easy access to one another during Wee Worship.