Small Things with Great Love (Feb 12 - March 16)

Wed, February 5, 20146:30 PM

Ladies, do you ever feel so overwhelmed by the demands of life that the word "mission" strikes terror in your heart? Do you ever wonder if God could ever use you in the midst of your season of life? That you're too old? Too young? Too busy? 

Margot Starbuck addresses these questions and more in her book, "Small Things With Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor." She does so with wisdom, humor, honesty and grace. Please consider joining us Wednesday evenings beginning in February 12th 6:30 pm for a lively study of this book. 

Margot writes: "Small things add up to big adventures and surprises, for you and others. The biggest surprise of all might be how powerfully God can use you,right in the midst of your walking-the-dog, paying the bills, doing-laundry life, when you’re living out his love. Do the first small thing by opening these pages and let the adventure begin!" Hope to see you!

Facilitator: Elise Hawke (913) 548-3536