Our adventures with the Bible takes another step as we begin the stories of Abraham, Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Esau and Joseph. The theme for these next six weeks will be “Redirect.” We see this theme reflected throughout these stories as God constantly acts in a way that is unexpected. I mean, who expects a 90 year old woman to have a child, or Isaac blessing his second born instead of his first born or God saving a nation through Joseph, who was thrown away by his brothers. The journey over the next six weeks has built into it surprising revelations of a God who can redirect and use any circumstance for his glory. Truly the message is… “ God can make a way, where there seems to be no way.”  This coming Sunday we will hear stories of what God is doing in our community through our Local Serve ministry. God is good!!

We have all asked deep penetrating questions.  Why does the earth exist?  What is the purpose of human life? Why are we here?  Well, we are glad you asked!  We believe the answer to these questions lie embedded in the Bible. The Bible answers life's most fundamental questions in a remarkable unified story!


Over the next year and a half, we are going to experience "Adventures with the Bible" as we walk together as a church family through the story of God and us.  Did you know... The "Tree of Life" in Revelations 22 and the "Tree of Life" in Genesis, serve as bookends to frame this story from beginning to end. The end helps to understand the beginning. The creation of a new earth and a new heaven brings to fulfillment a process that began with the creation of the earth, as described in the opening chapters of Genesis.

Along the way we will also discover the importance of the Temple in the life of Israel, how Jesus became the Temple and we are, as the body of Christ, becoming the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  

Every Sunday, kWorship, and Adult worship will be on the same topic. All the "life-groups" will also be studying the same topic that is covered weekly in the pulpit.  This is a very exciting adventure for all of us!  Are you in?