The King Series

All around the world, young and old, people are asking about spiritual formation. "What does it mean", they are asking, "to live before God in our world?"  We have many spiritual masters who can help us answer the question, but none as good as THE Master Himself, Jesus Christ. So far this year, we have learned that Spiritual formation, the Jesus Way, is to follow the Jesus Shema: "To love God (by following Jesus) and our neighbor as we love ourselves." We have also learned that the Kingdom (The Reign of Christ) breaks in through the life of Christ and is within our grasp now, even as we wait for it's full consummation with the Second Coming of Christ. These next 4 weeks takes us into the Holy of Holies as we see the King taking on death, sin and evil and rising victorious for us as the first fruits of God wanting to make everything NEW! We are called to follow the King and participate in his life, touching the very heart of spiritual formation.

April 6:   On the Mountain with the King, Text: Luke 9:28-36

April 13: The Arrival of the King  Text: John 12:12-19

Good Friday, April 18:  Tenebrae,  At the Cross with the King, Text: John 18-19

Easter, April 20: At the Tomb with the King,  Text: Matt 28:1-10

April 27:  Life with the King, Text: Mark 7:24-30