Dear COMMUNITY Covenant Families-


We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve your families at COMMUNITY Covenant Church. One of the ways we are seeking to better minister to you is through the implementation of our new computerized check-in system! We will be launching this check-in system starting on Wednesday evening, February 25th and Sunday’s beginning on March 8th. There are many benefits to a computerized system, most importantly is the safety of our children. With this system we will be able to track and monitor each child with improved check-points, allergy information, special concerns and the ability to page parents through their cell phones. This will also help us better track new visitors, returning visitors and keep more accurate attendance in our classes.


  • To help prepare you for these new changes, here are some important details for you to know.
     All families will need to begin checking their children in DOWNSTAIRS at the children’s check-in table. At least one adult and all children must be present when you check in.
  • When you check in your child, you have the option to choose 1 or 2 labels. Choose 1 label UNLESS you have a specific bag (such as a diaper bag) for a child, then print 2. Place one on the child and one corresponding sticker on the matching bag.
  • To expedite the check-in system, choose one of your plastic key-tags with a bar-code scan already on it to be scanned into our system. Then each Sunday or Wednesday, we will scan this card and your family’s information will immediately be ready to check your children in.
  • Please check-in your children for as many hours as you are staying. For example, if you are coming for the 8:30 service and also staying for Sunday School. Please check-in your child for both classes. Likewise if you are coming for Sunday school and staying for the 10:45 service, please also check in your child for both hours.
  • When the security labels print, please place the child’s label on the back of the child’s clothing. You will also receive a security number sticker. This sticker is ONE per family. You will need this security sticker to pick up your child. An adult MUST be present to pick up children with this matching security number sticker.
  • Special note for 8:30 am families and family worship Sundays: Please check-in your child BEFORE entering the sanctuary. Once children are released to finish worship in the Lil’ kWorship service, they should already be checked in, if they haven’t been checked in, we will have to locate adults to complete check-in prior to allowing this child enter into the classroom.


While change can feel uncomfortable at first, we recognize the benefits to establishing a unified check-in system far out-weigh the small shifts families may need to make in how they check-in and out their children. Our main goal is to continue to raise the level of quality and care we provide for our families and by moving toward a computerized check-in system we will be able to meet the specific needs of children while providing a standardized policy to create a safe environment for our families.


Thank you for your cooperation and support as we transition to this new system.


Jessica Springer
Family Pastor