Student Ministries at Community Covenant Church incorporates the strategic vision of our church in every area of our ministries as we create accessible pathways through which students can:

  • Encounter Christ
  • Connect with others
  • Serve together in God's kingdom





Our desire is for students to grow in their worship of their heavenly Father. Worship happens not just as part a specific program, but it is a lifestyle of allow God to lead a person's life. As a student ministry, our desire is for students to be continually encountering God throughout their week - not just in devotional times or at worship gatherings, but in their school hallways, practice fields, workplaces and wherever their life takes them. (Isaiah 6:1-8)





We desire for our student ministry communities to be places where students can come just as they are and engage in authentic relationships where they are encouraged and challenged to intentionally follow God together. Ironically, often one of the most difficult places to honestly share about the struggles and challenges of life is in the church. Our desire is to create an environment where students can be real with each other, a community empowered to live in such a way to be a blessing to those around them. (Hebrews 10:19-25)




Jesus gave us the example for leadership when he wrapped a servant's towel around His waist and washed His disciples' feet. Our desire is to cultivate Jesus followers who bring a servant heart to all aspects of life. In addition, our vision is that our community will help empower and launch students into servant leadership, actively engaging the kingdom of God. (Matthew 10:25-28)