Current Sermon Series

What did Jesus have in mind when He founded His Church?  What would it look like if the Church lived up to its New Testament charter?  What is your dream for our church?

We know that the church is more than a building, more than a program, more than a one hour gathering, more than an organization.  So, what is it?  What should it be?

What if the church, our church, were solid as a Rock ... appealing to everyone who is looking for the love of God, for a faith full of meaning, for a place to belong and thrive ... constantly blessing all those within our reach and so powerful that the gates of hell could not stand up against us?!

Please join us every Sunday morning (at 8:30 and 10:45 am) starting on July 29th and continuing through the month of August as we celebrate and explore the gift of Christ-centered Community, and how we can live the dream as part of His Forever Family.

July 29          Upon this Rock [Matthew 16]

August 5       I Dream of a Church ... Full of Grace and Truth [John 4]

August 12     The Divine Yes [II Corinthians 1]

August 19     The Quest for Authenticity [Ephesians 3]

August 26     All Authority [Matthew 28]

We begin a summer sermon series we are calling Joshua: Strong and Courageous.  We need courage for living in an exceedingly challenging, often dangerous world.  The Book of Joshua does not flinch in its description of dire threats and, at the same time, reveals the surprising resources God provides when His people are in a desperate situation.  All of this applies to us right where we live.  Plan to participate in this engaging study (for the fearless and for the faint of heart) and the vital worship that we will experience.  

As we approach the end of the book of Acts, Paul is faced with many difficult and hard situations. Whereas these defining moments could have been stumbling blocks, he leaned into his faith and trusted that God would use his story to spread the love of Christ with others. Paul’s legacy can help encourage us to zoom out into the big picture of God’s story and the role that we play in His mission. 

As we enter into this series, may we be challenged to discover the defining traits or experiences in our lives that will draw focus onto God’s bigger mission. And how we can boldly lean into our faith so that our story can be used to bring glory and hope into the world around us.

“The gift that keeps on giving!” is a saying we all know but few of us have actually experienced. Most of us could easily recall a story of a gift that, at first, seemed it would never lose it’s luster but with time did. It got old. Our attention went elsewhere. It reached its limit. 

As we jump back into the book of Acts coming out of Advent we continue to celebrate the gift of The Holy Spirit and the spreading of the gospel—a gift and a story that would never lose its luster. In fact, with each passing moment it only grows, spreads, shines brighter and brighter until The Light reaches to the ends of the Earth.

Let's face it. We are constantly under a barrage of bad news. Whether it be natural disasters, crime, scandals, or tragedy, there seems to be an endless stream of stories that break our hearts. As Jesus followers, we talk a lot about the Good News, but what is it exactly? 

When Jesus arrived on the scene in the 1st century, he entered an environment that was also gripped with fear. There was increasing tension and anxiety among the Jewish population as they struggled through Roman occupation of their homeland. Where was God in the midst of their struggles? Was God listening to their prayers? 

As we ask similar questions in our current context, we point to Jesus, the bearer of hope and healing. Jesus himself said, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” 

So, what does this look like for us? How is Jesus bringing freedom today? How does Jesus help us see more clearly? What difference did Jesus make when He came and what difference does He continue to make? Join us this advent, as we re-discover Jesus, the Good News!

The Book of Acts - REAL POWER

Jesus ascended! The power of The Holy Spirit was truly unleashed upon those who claimed Jesus as LORD and King. So…now what? How did they even begin to tap in to that kind of power—a power that was so different than what the world had ever known?

Everyday the lame beggar went to the temple to beg for money. After all, money meant power, influence, might, a chance at the good life, right? Peter didn’t have money to give but what he did have was The Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ. What the lame beggar received that day was more than just the ability to walk. It was a lesson on what real power was and what it could do.

From Oct. 15 - Nov. 26 we will learn together, along with the early church, of REAL POWER.  How the gift of The Holy Spirit and the power of the resurrection was—and still is—turning power systems upside down.   You won’t want to miss it!

The Book of Acts - UNLEASHED

Sunday, Sept. 17, we begin our study of the book of Acts with the theme UNLEASHED! 

It is the story, as told by Luke, of how the early church was unleashed under the power of the Holy Spirit. This story is full of the energy and excitement of the early Christians as they found God doing new things all over the place and how they learned to take the good news of Jesus around the world. It’s also full of the puzzles and problems that churches faced then and face today – crises over leadership, money, ethnic divisions, theology and ethics, not to mention serious clashes with political and religious authorities. 

It’s comforting to know that ‘normal church life’, even in the time of the first apostles, was neither trouble-free nor plain sailing, just as it’s encouraging to know that even in the midst of all their difficulties the early church was able to take the gospel forward in such dynamic ways.

The whole book reminds us that whatever ‘journey’ we are making, in our own lives, our spirituality, our following of Jesus, and our work for his kingdom, his spirit will guide us too, and make us fruitful in his service.

My prayer is for God’s Holy Spirit to be unleashed here among us as Christ followers at COMMUNITY  Covenant Church. Come Holy Spirit, have your way with us!

Pastor Johan

Ever wondered where we get our ideas about heaven? Where’d we get the idea we’d be playing harps, singing all the time, flying like angels or attending an eternal church service?

For many, Heaven is like walking into the fog... such a mystery.

Starting July 30, we’re taking six weeks to explore what the Bible says about Heaven. It will be like Jesus is walking out of the fog to meet us...

Then, starting Aug. 2, on the Wednesday’s following each sermon on Heaven, we’ll gather in the coffee area to tackle some tough questions like: “Will there be families?” “What about my pets?” “What about near death experiences?”

This promises to be a great time of learning and celebrating God’s wonderful promises to us. Invite a friend!

Pastor Johan

The Gospel of Mark

Mark's Gospel is the shortest and sharpest of the early stories about Jesus. Many people believe Mark was written in Rome toward the end of or shortly after the Jewish war (60’s AD). During this time the church faced major crises, as Christians had to cope with the death of eyewitnesses and severe persecution. Mark composed his Gospel to encourage Christians as they faced increasingly trying conditions and to remind them of the foundation of their faith. There is a sense of urgency in the Gospel of Mark. We find the word immediately many times in the first two chapters and several times after that. Early in chapter 1 the main theme of Jesus' ministry is articulated: God's kingdom is arriving. The kingdom of God is at hand (1:15). 

This kingdom is an alternative to the kingdom of Rome. Something momentous is happening. Be alert! The train is about to leave the station. Jump on board before it is too late! 

As we hear stories about Jesus calming the storm, walking on water, talking about new wineskins, commissioning his disciples and inviting children to come to him, we too are invited to jump on board. You are invited!

Pastor Johan

Beginning April 23 and going through May 21, our focus will be on the third part of our Mission statement, which is to "SHARE the Love of Jesus."

We are excited to introduce to you the BLESS initiative as a practical way to share the love of Jesus. 

BLESS focuses on five missional practices we can engage to naturally introduce people to Jesus Christ.

Begin with prayer

Listen with care

Eat together

Serve with love

Share your story

Join us Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. (Traditional Service) or 10:45 a.m. (Modern Service)

as we dive deeper into the tenets of our mission statement ... Discover, Live, Share.  Or watch via live stream here

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