COMMUNITY Covenant Elected Leadership


The following persons have been elected by the members to serve in leadership at COMMUNITY Covenant Church in 2018:


Leadership Team:

Chair:  Mary Fugate (incumbent)

Vice-Chair:  Dave Stanley (elected 2017)

Secretary:  Courtney Gras (elected 2017)

Financial Secretary:  Don Bonnell (elected 2017)

Treasurer:  Jim Nicely (incumbent)

Mutual Ministry Team:  Lessie Diener (elected 2017)

Mutual Ministry Team:  Darrell Meador (incumbent)

Nominating Team:  Mike Martinie (incumbent)


Congregational Representatives:

Nominating Team 

Eric Moore (incumbent)

Jeff Meador (incumbent)

Rita Hoffman (elected 2017)

John Toren (elected 2017)

Mutual Ministry Team

Hope Meador (elected 2017)

Lyn Ketterman (elected 2017)


Auditor Team  

Melissa Erickson (elected 2017)

Mary Reese (elected 2017)



2015 Nominating Team
2015 Nominating Team