John Paul Harris-Webster


Executive Pastor 


I believe that the Church is one of the most exciting organisms (living thing) to be a part of in this day and age as it is a major representation and stimulant of the Kingdom of God. Jesus has ushered in God's kingdom and he is 'the way the truth and the life’ and we, the Followers of Jesus, have the awesome responsibility of witnessing his Kingdom come alive in the areas where we minister. I serve in the Church so that I can be a part of something that represents God and offers people a transformational hope that can only be found in Christ..

I cannot recall a day when I was not aware of God and his presence in this world and in my life. The people that contributed to relationship with God were my grandmother who took me to the Sunday School at her Baptist Church. My parents attended the Church of England and later on sent me to Saint Andrews, an Anglican boarding school when I was 12-18 years of age. After graduation from high school, I completed 2 years of compulsory military service and after that I went on to attend an engineering school.  The interest in engineering and sales was a result of our family business, which focused on the steel industry in South Africa, which gave me great exposure to the business world. The calling on my life to go into full time ministry was always strong and I was offered the opportunity to leave South Africa and initiate my studies in San Diego, California to prepare me for the pastorate. I completed my graduate and post graduate studies and have had the privilege of ministering in various contexts that included pastoring churches in Kansas, California, New Zealand and South Africa as well as on the mission field in Eastern Europe and South Africa.

My calling has never just belonged to me, it is a family calling. My wife, Juliette, and myself have served together in ministry for 20 years and we have four children, Tiger (20), Robert (18), Tamara (13) and Jonty (11). Raising a family is all consuming, so there seems little to no time for my own recreational life, however, I enjoy the ocean, and beach life is very relaxing for me. I also enjoy relaxing with family and friends around a 'braai' (bbq).