Johan Tredoux

Senior Pastor

I was born and raised as an Afrikaans (Dutch) speaking native of the Rep. of South Africa. I was a pastor’s kid raised within the turmoil of a racially segregated society known by the international community as “apartheid” (separation). From 1977-78, I was involved in a guerrilla war on the border of Angola and Namibia. It was during this time that I responded to a call into fulltime ministry. This call opened doors for me at the University of Johannesburg, where I earned a BA in Hebrew with a minor in Greek. In 1982 I came to the USA as a student and enrolled in the M.Div. degree program at Nazarene Theological Seminary here in KC. During my time as a student at NTS, I met my wife Brenda (a native from Iowa) and we got married in 1984. We have two children, Nathaniel and Lauren, now both married with two grandchildren, Sylvia and Hudson keeping us young  I became a citizen of the USA in 2000 and think that I am very fortunate to live in this beautiful country.

I have been the Senior Pastor at CCC for the last 9 years and also just completed my Ph.D. (2015) from the University of Manchester in the UK. The focus of my research has been on a Theology of Love.

I am a Pastor/ Theologian and my deepest passion is to be an encourager in helping people to form new spiritual habits as fellow sojourners in the Mission of Christ. I really enjoy teaching God’s Word and sitting down with who-so-ever wants to, and talk theology. My motto is simply this: “God has not called us to live "for" Him in our own strength, but "from" Him in His strength.

My favorite hobbies are playing golf and racquetball, fishing and hiking with my family in Estes Park, CO and grilling Salmon. My favorite all time movie is Shawshank Redemption. Oh yes… I love the Royals and Chiefs… in no particular order.