Controversial Issues Class

Sun, May 25, 201410:00 AM

New Sunday adult class beginning March 9 - May 25 in the Fish Tank: Controversial Issues

As Christians, our role is to live our lives according to our beliefs even when they run counter-culture. 

This class, led by John Toren and Charlie Wunsch, will explore those beliefs in regards to the controversial issues in our current society to examine and frame arguments based on what the Bible says. Each week we will discuss a different topic.

Topics include: Church vs. State, Biblical basis of war, Consumerism, Health Care, Co-habitation, Immigration, Social networking, End of life legal issues, Gambling, Stem cell research, and the Death penalty.

  • March 9: Introduction -- Why do we disagree

Op-Ed USA Today

Understanding God's Will Handout

Why I Wanted to Teach this Class

Confronting the Controversarsies

  • March 16: Just War Theory (When is it right for Christians to argue for war, etc.?)

Just War Handout

  • March 23: Social Networking

Social Media Handout

  • March 30: Church & State Issues

Church vs. State Handout

  • April 6: Co-habitation 

Cohabitation Slide Presentation

Cohabitation Information

  • April 13: Affluence in today's society

Affluence and Our Faith Handout

Affluence and Our Faith Questions

  • April 20: No Class - Easter Sunday
  • April 27: Death Penalty

Death Penalty Handout

  • May 4: Immigration Issues 

Immigration Handout

  • May 11: Health Care 

Women's Health Care Issues

Resource Allocation Handout

Script for Health Care Handout

  • May 18: End of Life Issues

End of Life Handout

  • May 25: Creation & Evolution


Questions: Contact John Toren (913) 248-7767.