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Jesus announced His purpose in Luke 4:17-21 by reading part of Isaiah 61:1-2. The first part of his purpose is to “proclaim good news to the poor.” And repeatedly in the Gospels he says to those aspiring to be His disciples, “Follow me.” One of the key ways we can live that out is to engage with the poor in places like Alaska, Kansas City, and even in South Africa.

Engaging the poor means praying for them and for those who are ministering to them, offering our resources to support those serving them, and going ourselves to serve. There is no age limit in the invitation to follow Jesus. There is no restriction on who can go or proclaim the good news by their presence, actions and words. What is God’s invitation to you regarding missions? How are you called to serve in His kingdom?

And if you are not called to go yourself, are you called to pray for someone who is going? We need intercessors for each missionary we send or support.

If you have questions or are interested in exploring following Jesus through Global Serve ministry, please email Pastor John Paul. 



2015 Global Serve Update

As a Global Serve Team, we have been honored to be your representatives in ‘going out into all the world to make disciples of all nations’. This is how we (CCC family) have fulfilled The Great Commission in 2015 through your generosity and faithfulness in giving:

  • We have fulfilled 100% ($30,000) of our pledge to our Covenant World Missionaries (Hoover, Weibes, Kellys, and Petersons). Supported missions in Alaska by sending a team to serve the Alaska Christian College. Paying for construction supplies ($2,990) to improve their residence. Supported 32 students with scholarships ($1,600), and provided KICY (a Covenant radio station broadcasting into Russia) with $900.
  • Supported missions in the Czech Republic to help fund a new building to reach into a new part of the city of Prague ($2,700).
  • Supported River of Life Orphan Care Center in South Africa by sending a team to work and witness there; building a new fence around the property of the orphan care center ($8,000), and sending $3,500 in support of future projects (vegetable garden, water tank, natural gas system, etc.)

At the end of November, we completed over 80% of our budgetary obligations and we expect to be at 100% by the end of the year. Praise God for His Commission and the role He has allowed us to play.


Blessings, Your Global Serve Ministry Team



2016 Mission

Trip Dates

July 9-16 - Alaska Christian College

Oct 21 to Nov 5 - South Africa  


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