Global Missions


Jesus announced His purpose in Luke 4:17-21 by reading part of Isaiah 61:1-2. The first part of his purpose is to “proclaim good news to the poor.” And repeatedly in the Gospels he says to those aspiring to be His disciples, “Follow me.” One of the key ways we can live that out is to engage with the poor in places like Alaska, Kansas City, and even in South Africa.


Engaging the poor means praying for them and for those who are ministering to them, offering our resources to support those serving them, and going ourselves to serve. There is no age limit in the invitation to follow Jesus. There is no restriction on who can go or proclaim the good news by their presence, actions and words. What is God’s invitation to you regarding missions? How are you called to serve in His kingdom?


And if you are not called to go yourself, are you called to pray for someone who is going? We need intercessors for each missionary we send or support.

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