Family Baptism Class

Sun, October 12, 201410:00 AM

There will be a three week discipleship class on baptism for children 1st-5th grade on October 12, October 19 and October 26. This class will be held at 10:00 am in Room 210. At least one parent or grandparent is required to attend this class with their child. This class will have time for formal instruction/teaching and also time for family conversations. In this class we will examine the history of baptism, theological significance of baptism, the symbolism of baptism and what to expect during a baptism. Children will be required to write out their testimony during this class and parents will be encouraged to write out a blessing to their child.This class is an important first step for a child's baptism but does not obligate you to setup a date for having your child baptized. After taking this class, families will determine the appropriate time to have their child baptized.

Please sign up for this class by emailing Pastor Jess at