Experiments in Prayer

Sat, June 7, 20148:00 AM

Black Hoof Park, Saturdays at 8-9 am beginning June 7th.

How’s your prayer life?  Do you pray as often as you would like?  Do you even like praying?  I find most people are pretty dissatisfied with their prayer lives.  Is this really what God wants from us?  Does he just want us to be guilty?  Could there be a better way?  I find a lot of people have never had much training in prayer beyond what their parents taught them or maybe an acronym they learned along the way (like A.C.T.S.).  The church has taught a variety of different forms of prayer throughout the centuries, but we have forgotten many of them.  On Saturday mornings through the summer we will focus on different forms of prayer with the hope you might find a few options that work well for your personality and life.  If you are interested please let Pastor Mark know by calling the church office or by email mark.h@cccks.org.