Easter Week 2013 Palm Sunday

Sun, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

March 24, both worship gatherings


The book of Matthew records Jesus' movement from the fringes of the Galilean countryside to the urban center of Jerusalem. Palm Sunday remembers his triumphal entry as the King who rode a donkey. Join us as we sing, hear from the scriptures, and place our coats and palm branches at the feet of Jesus the King. 


Good Friday

March 29, 7pm 

It is becoming a tradition for our church to gather together on Good Friday to practice the discipline of lament. Ancient liturgy provides for us a gathering outlined by seven readings with seven candles, each one moving us closer to the crucifixion and death of Christ. At the same time, we mourn the evil in our world. We take time to pray for a world in need, for loved ones, church family, and family in trouble.  We pray for deliverance, placing ourselves at the foot of the cross to proclaim that we cannot save ourselves, that we depend on the Father our Champion, the Son our Savior, the Spirit our Comforter. 


Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

March 31, Three Gatherings 

Our world was remade on a day when our God claimed victory over death itself. This is the sunday during the year when we remember an empty tomb, startled disciples, and a mysterious gardener. We'll hear from the scriptures. And of course, we'll sing.  Join us on Resurrection Sunday to celebrate that our God saves! 


8:00am: Traditional Worship Gathering

9:30am: Modern Worship Gathering

11:00am: Modern Worship Gathering