What is CHIC?

It's a national gathering of thousands of High School Students from the Evangelical Covenant Church which is held at the University of Tennessee Campus in Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s a week of incredible worship, fun and community building with friends.

You can download a complete information sheet here. 


Who is CHIC for?

Any High School students who will have completed grades 9-12 by summer 2018.


What happens at CHIC?

There’s tons to do at CHIC. Basically, there’s times to hang out and just have fun together. There’s times where we gather with thousands of other High School students to worship God together and listen to some of the best teachers on the planet. There’s times where we’ll connect in small groups to process the week, and LOTS more!


When is CHIC?

We’ll leave church on Saturday morning July 14 and arrive home on Saturday July 21.


How much does CHIC cost?

Our Student Ministry team is committed to making CHIC as affordable as possible. For students who registered before Jan. 14 at the early bird rate, CHIC costs $650. For all students registering after Jan. 14, the cost is $750. The price includes everything except for optional excursions such as white water rafting and meals on the road between Kansas City and CHIC. In addition, there are $100 scholarships available through the Erik Schmidt memorial fund no matter when someone signs up.


Signup Deadlines:

The final day to register at the $750 rate is Sunday, June 10. (scholarships may not be available)

 Upcoming Fundraiser Opportunity:

Saturday, April 7 - Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser


How do I sign up?:

·         Complete the CHIC student registration form, click here to download, and return it to the office. 

·         Turn in a $100 deposit. Do that by clicking here. 

·         Be sure your student has a current Medical Release on file. Click here to fill it out. 

Read to start making payments?

Make payments toward your account online here.