WHAT? Believe is an amazing weekend event specifically designed for Jr. high students (grades 6-8).

The theme this year at Believe will focus on the idea of generosity. A lot of Jr. high students today are posting on social media with #Blessed. In many of these circumstances they are correct, but the perspective they have is off. Often times what we think we own is really on loan, and when students used #Blessed it’s almost always associated with getting something great for themselves. It’s almost like they feel like they’re entitled. Ultimately, students aren’t understanding why they’re blessed, just that they are blessed. This year’s theme “Open” will truly define what it means to be generous in every way, because we are blessed by God. The character of God goes against our natural tendencies – to hold on to the things God gives us for ourselves instead of holding open those things God gives us to others. By exploring 2 Corinthians 9, students on the Believe tour will learn how God is calling them to be Open … to be generous in every way.

Believe offers small group times in which your child can connect with adult leaders and other students. This is one of the most important things we can do as a youth ministry. Next to your influence as a parent, building those bonds between our leaders and their peers is the No. 1 thing that will help your child grow in their relationship with Christ.

We’re excited for Believe and the amazing experiences we’ll have over the weekend. 

For more info about Believe, visit www.ciy.com/believe.

WHEN: We leave from the church at 5 p.m., March 31 and return at 4:45 p.m. April 1.

WHO? Believe Conference is open to middle school students, grades 6-8.

WHERE? The Believe Conference will be hosted at the Kansas City Convention Center. 

PRICE? $75 with $25 due at registration and the remaining $50 due by March 15. 


HOW DO I REGISTER? Fill out our online registration form by clicking here. 

QUESTIONS? Contact Pastor Tom at tom.g@cccks.org

Waiver & Release Form

If you have not yet filled out the 2017 Waiver and Medical Release Form for your student, please do so now. We must have a form on file for every student. 

Complete it online by clicking here.