After Sunday Morning,  

Responding to God's Movement 


Just Following Up - Going Deeper: 


2's & 3's

  • Why wasn't Jesus in the tomb?

4's & PreK

  • What do you think Zechariah's prayers might have been?
  • How does God want us to get ready for Jesus?
  • Is there someone you can help get ready for Jesus?

K - 5th

  • How would you have responded if you'd seen Jesus appear to you, alive, after His death on the cross?
  • How can we have new life in Jesus?
  • How does knowing that Jesus is alive make you want to respond to God?

Lil' kWorship:

  • Imagine you were Paul in the story today, how would you have felt knowing that some people weren't doing the things God asked them to do?
  • If you could worship God in any way you wanted what would that be?
  • Remember how Paul got frustrated with the Athenians? Can you think of ways that Paul should handle his frustration?


  • What things do you idolize and how can you work to turn that focus to God?
  • Imagine you are Paul and are upset with the Athenians, how would you work to handle your frustrations in the way God would want you to?


  • What was the most meaningful part of church today?
  • How did God speak to you this Sunday? 


A blessing to pray over your child: 

(Child’s name), may you experience the full, large, real life of Jesus here on this earth and in all of eternity. May His life give you strength and joy.

Weekly Mission: