2012 Covenant Week of Prayer

Mon, January 9, 2012

It’s called “Selah: Pausing to Pray in a Rush Hour Life” and will focus your attention on Psalms one through six. (Selah is a musical mark of instruction meaning: stop and listen, pause and reflect.)


- Join with others in the Covenant to study a devotional guide that will be distributed with your bulletin in the services on January 8th.


- Also, you will receive a sheet containing three red dots. You will be able to peel one or more of the red dots off of this sheet. You can then attach a sticky red dot to your watch to remind you each day to reflect and then to pray. Or you can put a dot on a mirror or some place that is convenient where it will remind to take time out. You’ll be glad you did.


- Pause each day from Monday through Sunday to take time to stop, pause as you study the devotion guide “Selah” and then pray as God’s Spirit leads you.


- Then come at 6 PM to the church on Sunday January 15th for group prayer.