Two Mission Trips are scheduled for 2011



ALASKA July 15th -22nd, a construction project will take place in Nome, Alaska.  The mission team going to Alaska will be leaving in July and going out to do work at a radio station, KICY. Check out their web address at The team will do work improving local residential apartments at KICY. The work the team will be doing is predominantly demolition, building, painting etc. KICY is a powerful witnessing tool that reaches large rural parts of Alaska and Russia that would otherwise not be reached for the gospel of Jesus Christ.


SOUTH AFRICA September 23rd - October 9th, we will take a second trip to South Africa. The mission team from CCC will partner with Pastor Naas Tredoux, his wife Heather, along with their church, Cornerstone Community Church, to minister in the Princess Squatter Camp. The primary focus of the mission trip is to share the love of Jesus Christ to the people in the Princess Squatter Camp. The sharing of Christ’s love will take place through acts of service. A major focus will be placed on building a little school for the 25 ‘street children’ and assist in developing a solid base for ministry with the local pastor. There will also be a ‘minor’ medical missions emphasis and improving the physical facilities of the ‘tent’ church in the squatter camp. The team will also get to see a little of South Africa by visiting the Kruger National Park and Cape Town.